Karl Stirner
Arts Trail Easton, PA
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The Karl Stirner Arts Trail (formerly the Bushkill Trail) in Easton has officially opened. The 2.5 mile trail that winds along the Bushkill Creek (the Bushkill Creek is a fine trout fishery) connects the old Simon Silk Mill on 13th Street to Third Street at the base of the stone stairs leading up to Lafayette College. The trail is paved and though not complete, will have signage and art installations along the walkway. Bikes are allowed on the trail.
The trail is named for Easton sculptor Karl Stirner, who has spent 25 years as a mentor and unofficial real estate agent, ushering aspiring artists to Easton. German-born Stirner started his art career at age 23. He was a professional drafter who served in World War II. He has held teaching positions at Tyler School of Art at Temple University and at Moore and Swarthmore colleges.
There are benches spread along the trail which runs along the Bushkill Creek and Route 22. The trail features the city's first dog park, which is situated just north of Route 22's Cemetery Curve. The dog park has a fenced in area; when completed next year it will have separate penned areas for bigger dogs and smaller dogs.
There is a small parking lot between Route 22 and the Bushkill Creek on 13th Street by the old silk mill lending access to the trail. There are also a few parking spaces at the blue bridge over the creek on Bushkill Drive. The trail crosses Bushkill Drive by the Union Fuel Company and continues across the street going south on the sidewalk and turning left and passing under Route 22 and then continuing to the right on Bushkill Drive (DO NOT ENTER-ONE WAY signs). The walk follows the creek to Third Street by the steps in downtown.
Images of Karl Stirner Arts Trail Ribbon Cutting
Photography by © Ken Ek
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Karl Stirner Arts Trail

Photography by © Ken Ek